With this new update of Nextpost to come, we are also going to make updates on our products, we are working on these days so that all the updates come out at the same time and same day, some corrections are being implemented and changes and improvements in skins, so our response to our Help Desck is taking a long time, so we’re focused on getting the most of the issues solved in a single update.

We are focused bambém in solving a problem that unfortunately exists quite in the middle of the digital products that are pirated copies, we of ProcodeBR together with other developers we are creating a program to identify these people and a denunciation platform so that other users can denounce anonymously those people and so the legal measures are taken, we have identified some of these people and we are already taking action.

Together with the Updates we are developing new and excluxive products for our site, we are studying the possibility of removing all our products from CodeCanyon and make available only on our platform, this may happen in the near future.

When the updates are ready to be released we will notify you here on our site and in the Groups directed to the Nextpost.