We will soon launch another skin for the Stackposts and GramEasy scripts, we are making some adjustments and as soon as you are ready you will be here on our site for sale, as well as the theme Galexy, Ligth and SEOPro, Rocket will not have versions for the script Nextpost, for now only for Stackposts and GramEasy., If you want to pre-purchase the theme, just contact our team procodebr@gmail.com and request the pre-purchase, the theme will be sold for R$140.00 (Brazilian Real) and in its pre-sale will be coming out for R$110.00 (Brazilian Real).

We have paused the development of skins for Nextpost because as said in other articles we are adding and improving a system of identification of false copies that is already in a very advanced stage (soon more information about this.