Yes! FilsionSkin will have a version 3.0 and comes much more complete and full of news!

Our team decided to develop version 3.0 of FilsionSkin and implemented several differents in this version, one of them is a page of F.A.Q and along with it a module so that the end user does not have to leave his panel to access the help of the site.

The old version of skin 2.0 will remain free on our site, however, version 3.0 will be available for download in CodeCanyon worth $ 28, we will send the skin on 01/11 and it should be available for sale on 02 or 03 of November.

You can see a demo of the skin clicking here, we are doing the work of translation of the skin and correcting algusn problems, nothing serious, just a few touches to make the skin come out perfect and smooth for you our client, if you have any doubts you can get in touch with our team via WhatsApp.

Team ProcodeBR