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    Download the file in your client area, inside the file you downloaded you will find the elite folder, move this folder to your script’s themes directory, done that, go in the settings and change the theme to Elite, save.


    To make edits to the theme you need to open the index.php file in a php editor, after opening the index.php in your editorprocure the session you want to edit, the whole file is commented out for easier editing.

    Archives .css

    The files for the estivo edition are “style.css“.


    All of the icon icons used in the project can be found here: choose the desired icon and change.

    Integrate Instagram feed

    To do the integration of your feed, just visit:, authorize the application to access your profile, after doing so you must configure the following parameters exactly as in the example:

    With all the settings made, save and generate the code:

    In your code, just copy this link, replace it with your index.php file at line 273.

    Then save and press F5 on your website.


    If you have questions or difficulties with setting up and installing your product, you can contact our support and ask for help.

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