Now it has a version for GramEasy and for Stackposts, as the two systems use the same basa, the skin now already is fully compatible with the scripts, missing apanas some adjustments the skin will be launched only on our site, we will not by selling it on CodeCanyon this time, we want to avoid skin flushing as much as possible, on our site we have more control over our clients and we can take immediate action when detecting any violation.

Unfortunately it was not possible to natively implement the FAQ page because the developer does not allow the creation of pages other than those already in the script, however, as we are seeing that each day more is adding new features, we hope that this will happen soon and so we’ll add all the features already in Filsion’s version to Nextpost in this version as well.

You can do the skin tests and check the progress of the skin here on our site, we will always add updates about updates here.

Live Demo