Already available for sale the commercial version of the application, several errors and problems were fixed among them a compatibility problem that some users were reporting, now the application is compatible with devices with android 3.0 or higher.

It has also been added to the much-requested notification for users, now you can send real-time notifications to your customers informing you about news on your Nextpost or system update warnings, thus making your service even more professional.

You can check a demo of the application by clicking here and checking the features of the application, the demo system will send test notifications every day so you can be testing the application.

Will it be sold on CodeCanyon?
Not! We will not sell the Android app in CodeCanyon.

How does support work?
We will support configuration and frequently update the application code, all support is provided via WhatsApp during business hours and can be extended to remote access.

Can I add my application to Google Play?
Yes! simply rename the package and make the necessary settings that Google requires for the app to be added to the store.

Can I pass the code to third parties?
Not! the license is only valid for you, if you unduly share the code, your account will be blocked and you will no longer have access to support and updates


If you have any further questions about how the application works, you can contact our WhatsApp support team.