Refund Policy

Please read the following terms carefully, they are of the utmost importance in case something is wrong with your product and you want the refund. Because it is a product via Download once bought if not downloaded we can make the refund, however, if it is downloaded we will not make the refund, our system identifies each Download action of your account and we can identify if the product was downloaded or not , in case of problems with the product, the user can contact our Support and ask for a solution to your problem.

Card Refunds:

If a purchase is identified and then a chargeback, the user’s account will be permanently blocked and measures taken with PayPal will be taken, if the user has purchased other products before the identified chargeback, the user will no longer have access to the download of the same and to the support because the generated licenses will be blocked. In case of doubt you can contact our support via email or opening a ticket in our help desck.